Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Contract
The reservation of any of the trips in this catalog / website implies full acceptance of these General Conditions which are automatically considered part of a contract, without the written transcript need not be in it. In this Web site indicates the duration, itinerary, prices and supplements, minimum group, and services included in the hiring of the boat. The additional information and any changes will be communicated to customers along with the written itinerary, which, together with the General Conditions, act as the final contract.

The technical organization of these trips is provided by Kalimantan Explorer, Jln Dewi Sri 1 no: 2, Legian Kuta Bali 80361 Badung Bali Indonesia in collaboration with other Indonesian travel agencies and airlines.

Web Site
Kalimantan Explorer may unilaterally change without notice, whenever it deems appropriate, the structure and design of the website as well as modify or remove services, content and conditions of access and / or use of the Web site.

Contents of the WEB
It’s prohibited the reproduction, distribution or modification of text, photographs, graphics and maps without written permission from Kalimantan Explorer

Prices are quoted in Euros. The package price does not include: Visas, airport fees, and / or entry and exit rates, vaccination certificates, “extras” such as drinks except water and soda, special diets, and, in general, any other service not specifically listed in “The tour price includes” or does not appear specifically detailed in the program / offer, the contract or documentation is delivered to the customer to sign. During the visit Tanjung Putting National Park, not including entrance fees and conservation, these fees shall be paid on arrival by the client. The price of these rates is about 15 USD per day. It is mandatory to pay fees for the use of video cameras and these must be paid directly by the customer at the destination.

The price may be increased for the following reasons:
A strong fluctuation of the currency (Euro – Rupiah) An unexpected increase or imposition of new taxes A sharp increase in fuel prices The availability of domestic flights and category of rooms in the programs offered Kalimantan Explorer reserves the right to review the programs offered prices up to 20 days before the arrival of customers Kalimantan

The boat has two  accommodations Aura Suite for up to 3 or 4 people in the event that at least one of the occupants is less than 12 years or occupants agree to share the cabin and Tend Solaria for 2 people. The reservation of any of the accommodations does not imply exclusive use of a private boat and this can be shared with other passengers staying in either hotels. The use of air conditioning in the cabin is limited Aura Suite 11:00 to 23:00.

Boarding: 13:00 and Landing: 08:00 The ship left the port of Kumai is scheduled at 13:00 or so. If it is a shared boat passengers who arrived on flights to Pankalan Bun later than 12:00 will be to take a speedboat to link to the ship within the National Park. The cost of this service is 600,000 rupiah per boat not included in the base price.

Ground transportation
The airport transfers are made in private vehicles with air conditioning. For internal control Pankalan Bun airport transportation from the airport to the port of Kumani be made by taxi.

Air transport
The delay, schedule changes and flight cancellations is common in Indonesia. For this reason it is important to the flexibility of the group regarding possible changes and alterations of the program. Kalimantan Explorer will not assume the costs of cancellations or delays of flights and ships. In the event of cancellation of flights you have to pay the client directly to destination ground transportation costs or air to the cities of Banjarmasin Palankaraya or to bind to the next flight. This route is about 10 or 12 hours in 4 × 4 vehicle.

The guides in Tanjung Putting are speaking English or Spanish on request.

Kalimantan Explorer is not responsible for loss or damage during travel or transportation. If luggage is lost by the airline, we refer to the conditions regulated by IATA. In some places like Bun Pankalan flights to Semarang weight limit is 10 kilos baggage, excess baggage must be paid directly by the customer to the airline concerned. The cost of excess baggage are usually U.S. $ 1 per kilogram. Kalimantan Explorer is not responsible for the delay in delivery of checked baggage, nor for loss or damage because they are incidents that correspond to the carrier as a carrier. The claim will have to deal directly with an airline.

Reservations and confirmations
Reservations must be conducted via email accompanying the same as many data as possible. Behalf of clients (the same as in passport), date of arrival and departure, number of days and category of accommodation. At the time of registration shall be deposited 25% of the total amount of travel. No reservation is considered confirm until this deposit is not formalized. The remaining payment will be made 20 days before the arrival date in Indonesia, otherwise considered the square void. Such cancellation will involve expenditure in the cancellation section of this clause.

Cancellations and Refunds
In the event of cancellation by the customer of a program or previously contracted services will incur a penalty in the following amounts:

A. 25% of the total amount of travel if the cancellation occurs between 25 and 15 days before departure.
B. 50% between 14 and 4 days before departure.
C. 75% 3 days before departure
D. 100% 2 days prior to departure or no-shows on departure or late filing.

These amounts will be deducted from the deposit paid by the customer regardless of the advance of the trip departure date, the customer will be charged cancellation fees, if they were (non-refundable tickets), and management costs. In the case of reimbursement the international transfer costs from Indonesia borne by the customer. Once travel has commenced no use or enjoyment of certain services previously contracted as excursions, meals and hotel nights are not refundable. There will be no obligation to indemnify under the following circumstances: When the trip is canceled, except in cases of overbooking, is for reasons of force majeure, defined as circumstances beyond those who invokes abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.

Method of payment
It will pay 25% of the total at the time of confirming the availability of contracted services and the remaining 75% 20 days before the arrival of individual customers in Indonesia. Payments will be made by transfer to the account of Kalimantan Explorer in Bali. The payments by PayPal with an increase of 4% and 3% for credit card payments on the price of the program in respect of bank charges.

Contracted programs do not include health insurance or repatriation we recommend our clients purchase their own travel insurance coverage assistance in Indonesia. It is recommended to contract in its place of origin optional cancellation insurance that covers all the possible cancellation fee. Its price varies depending on the price of their travel. This insurance guarantees repayment of the cost of trip cancellation in case of serious illness, serious accident or death of the insured person, his spouse, ascendants or descendants, brothers and sisters and also in cases such as job layoff, serious damage in the residence person’s usual contracting and other means described in the individual guarantees.

Kalimantan Explorer acts as an agency of the airlines and other services so Kalimantan Explorer is not responsible for any loss, damage, delays, accidents or irregularities program changes that are beyond our control. Consequently, disclaims any responsibility for deficiencies that could have the services provided by such entities or persons. Kalimantan Explorer will not assume the costs for cancellations or flight delays due to breakdowns, strikes, checks by the authorities, accidents, traffic etc. and loss of connections to domestic and international flights and services provided by the heavy traffic especially during the end of Ramadan and local and national holidays. It is recommended in any case at the time of booking of the programs have one or two extra days in Indonesia after the completion of the programs before connecting to the international flight. In case of delay in departures or returns of any means of transport attributable to strikes, weather conditions, technical problems or other causes of force majeure, Kalimantan Explorer is committed to take all reasonable steps available to him the benefit of customers affected by these types of situations where the costs of such efforts are at or below the price paid by the client program. Kalimantan Explorer reserves the right to alter the order of any tour itinerary, transportation and other services described in this program, change the departure time, and even cancel the trip, provided there is proper circumstances, without the customer is entitled to claim anything more than the amount paid if not agree with these conditions. If, after tour departure, Kalimantan Explorer does not provide or ensure that it can not provide a significant portion of the services provided under the contract, adopt appropriate solutions for the continuation of the tour. Kalimantan Explorer pay the amount of the differences between the services offered and those supplied. If the consumer continues the journey with the solutions given by Kalimantan Explorer, be deemed tacitly accepted these proposals.

The user shall immediately inform Kalimantan Explorer as a provider of services and a maximum of 48 hours of any incident of the journey to resolve it. Omission of this communication with the ship’s direction will be a user must prove the breach of the contract to the administration and / or court. If this period elapses be impossible for the ship’s direction to achieve a satisfactory resolution and confirm the veracity of the claim. Claims submitted must be documented with receipts and invoices, and must contact the organizing agency within 15 days after the return trip.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
T he parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, accept as governing law of this contract and is subject to the resolution of any disputes arising therefrom to the courts of Denpasar, Bali.

Period of validity
From January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013