A Natural Sanctuary

Tanjung Putting, a natural sanctuary

Tanjung Putting is a special place. Located in the heart of the jungle of Borneo is home to a unique ecosystem that can survive only if we respect and care.

Tanjung Putting has a rich variety of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals, some can only find in this part of the world. You will have the luck to observe in the wild from the smallest insect or insect-eating plant at the majestic sea eagle flying, acrobatic movement of geckos and butterflies, timid movements pythons, tarantulas and crocodiles, wild boar races of Borneo The colorful flight of the kingfisher, the elusive crescent bears, playful monkeys and gibbons, proboscis monkeys noisy and of course orangutans.

  • Do not forget that we are guests in their habitat, this is home and we must respect and preserve them while enjoying this unique environment.
  • Please respect the rules of the National Park following the instructions of the guides and guards.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink in front of the animals, save the food and drink in your backpack during your visit.
  • Stay away from animals. For your safety and other visitors to keep a minimum distance from the animals of approximately 5 meters
  • Do not touch the animals or plants.
  • Do not offer food to animals.
  • Do not leave litter including cigarette butts
  • Respect the silence, do not speak aloud.
  • To explore the jungle is required to be accompanied by a guide from the National Park.
  • If you are lucky to find a snake do not try to scare her with sticks or stones, cause it to try to defend.
  • It is forbidden to swim in the river because of the danger posed by crocodiles

On the boat

  • Do not leave food or personal items in the ship’s deck during the visit, keep them in your backpack or bag and make sure you are properly closed.
  • Water is a scarce commodity, please preserve it, make a reasonable use of it and make sure to close the taps of the shower and sink.
  • At night we recommend closing the bottom of the nets under the mattress to prevent entry of insects.