The Teams

The director, from Jakarta. Degree in marketing and tourism. She is responsible for receiving requests and respond to your message and help you to book your flight arrival to Borneo.

The captain, from Sulawesi – Bugis ethnic group has long experiences as a sailor for the entire archipelago of Indonesia and klotok captain Nacinal Park Tanjung Putting.

The guide, from Kumai. Despite his youth has a great first experience as captain and later as a guide in the Tanjung Putting National Park. He will be responsible to make your stay both klotok as National Park is a unique and unforgettable.

The cook, from Kumai. An important part of the trip is the food, Sahlan is responsible for making our jungle adventure a culinary adventure impress us with their delicious recipes.

The cabin boy, from Kumai. Of ethnic Bugis is our serious commitment to continuity of maritime traditions that his grandfather and his father has managed to convey Matang. Be aware of every detail to make your stay in the boat is an unforgettable experience.