Why Kalimantan Explorer


10 reasons to choose Kalimantan Explorer

We are pioneers in offering a little luxury in the heart of the jungle of Tanjung Putting designing and building a new style of klotok with a range of services just like a small floating hotel klotok a classic tailored to the needs of a discerning traveler profile .

Kalimantan klotok Explorer is the only operating in Tanjung Putting private cabin available. It features a master stateroom suite Aura soundproofed and a tent / cabin Solaria tendon located on the foredeck of the ship. Total passenger capacity is 5 adults

Air conditioning:
Some times of the day Tanjung Putting the temperature can reaches 35 degrees with a humidity of 80 to 100% and down to 23 º at night. In the main cabin of klotok, Aura suite can enjoy air conditioning during the hottest hours of the day.

Hot water:
The ship has a bathroom with shower with hot water

Clean water free from mud:
Clean water free from mud: Most klotok and lodges are supplied by the river Sekonyer for showers, washing laundry and kitchen equipment. These rivers are muddy from mining activities carried out upstream. Hygiene is a priority and our klotok has a tank of 600 liters of clean water extracted from aquifers away from muddy areas.

The name Klotok comes from noise of the boat engines. Most do not use klotok exhaust pipes or mufflers with the resulting noise and inconvenience to deck passengers. We soundproofed to the extent possible the engine and electric generators to ensure a pleasant and quiet journey inside the forest, a clear advantage when looking for navigating the abundant wildlife that were stationed on along the river.

Electricity 24:
We know how important it is to enjoy a cold beer or recharge the batteries in your camera or video in the jungle, so we offer our two generators and load outlets 24 hours a day.

Private WC:
The rest of the klotok have a single service for the crew and passengers. We have carefully designed a klotok some detail with two services, one large enough only for the western passage and a separate toilet for the crew.

A 19 meters long Kalimantan Explorer is one of the largest klotok operating in Tanjung Putting. It has a large terrace / balcony at the stern for the camera lens will not miss a single detail of the wildlife that inhabits the park.

In our commitment to preserving the ecosystem for the reform of the boat we used 70% of iron or Ulin wood recycled from other boats in use. All bottles and metal cans used in the trip are sent to a recycling center in Pankalan Bun.

Central reservations:
We have a representative office in Bali and Bun Pankalan for booking hotels and airline ticketing with connections to Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Semarang and Banjarmasin